Railway Wagon






atPK  problems           


A possible problem might be if you are disconnected while updating, or slosh.net stops working while you are updating, the program may freeze

If you are accessing the internet through a proxy, you probably won't be able to use the update feature

if you are not connected to the internet and try to update, then connect and try to update again my program will still think you are not connected.  If you close the program and re-open it, it should work ok

It is unlikely that you can run this program from the a: or b: drive, or from any drive without an assigned letter or from a drive with an assigned letter deeper than "g" in the alphabet (but "z" will work)

It is kind of a big memory hog, that is, if you are doing something with it, you usually can't do much else

Movie stuff:

When decompressing a mov file into frames, I generally get disconnected from the internet.  So, it can affect programs running more than just slowing them down.

Sometimes when it gets done doing the effects on movie frames, something goes wrong and no movie gets created.  This usually happens when a lot of other things are happening on your computer, and doesn't happen more than 5% of the time, to me.


mail other cool problems you find to images@slosh.net, and attach anything you might think is important (like the picture/settings you used, or the order you did things in)