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To run the Photo Killer, you need to have your screen size set to at least 800X600, and you probably need to have windows 95, 98, or maybe NT.  

-The Photo Killer--------------------------------
Download the Photo Killer
version 2.03 (620 kb)

*you will need to download Sun's JRE to run The Photo Killer*
-**Sun's JRE**----------------------------------------

You will  need to have sun's free JRE to run this software

-Sloshifiers vol 1 (Photoshop Plugins) ------
If you have photoshop or one of those other programs by adobe that supports photoshop plugins, you can download the photo killers plugin.  it contains many effects of the photo killer, but they are not all exactly the same.  For example, irradiate is a lot worse, and grapeify is just a "fake" because the real grapeify is too complicated for photoshop, apparently.  But, the filters do run a lot faster on photoshop
It containsirradiate, advanced gray, advanced gray2, change dark shoes, change shoes, drunkenness, fat dead, grapeify, humanoid, invert color, irradiate, kindofinvert, pastelize, please clayify, space chalk, stress test, true black and white,

Get the sloshifer plugin for 32 bit systems
Get the sloshifer plugin for 64 bit systems

Put them in a folder in your Plugins directory of your application.