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Help (ignore the movie stuff for now, I am too lazy to remove it)

-how to use the movie program

-other topics:

saving images in versions older than 2.03: you need to put the right extension on an images to be able to save it.  I suggest ".jpg" unless you have some special needs. 

stuck in black and white mode: if you do "black and white", it saves it in a different way to save space.  To get it out of this format, I suggest doing "flip vertical" twice.  Once you do this, it will be stored in a colored format and you will be able to apply effects to it.

How to use "white breakthrough" in the movie program: Well, that depends on what you want to do.  You can load movies or images into any of the 3 spots, the background, the foreground, and the pattern that decides how much of each will show through.   The "load prepared movie" button lets you load the pattern.  If the pattern is a movie, it works just like all the other effects, it loads the files in the prepared directory you chose.  If you uncheck the "uncheck if loaded pattern is an image, not a movie", then it will load the image file you set when you clicked on "load prepared movie".  The other two (set foreground and background), I assumed would be images, for some reason.  So, if they are supposed to be prepared movie directories, you can click on the checkboxes next to their name to tell my program that you want to use it like a movie.

other "white breakthrough" movie advice: The program will automatically make your movie the size of the smallest image or movie you load.  That is, if you want your movie to have 320X240 resolution, then you had better not be loading images smaller than this.   If you use a picture that is bigger than the smallest size, it will center the little picture on the bigger one and cut off the edges of the bigger (without actually doing any harm to your input file, of course).
Also, it cuts the movie to be the length of the smallest input movie.  If all inputs are pictures, your movie will be one frame long.  If two inputs are pictures and one is a movie, your new movie will be as long as the one you loaded.  If two inputs are movies and one is a picture, your output movie will be as long as the shortest of the two, ect.

other movie advice: don't run two photo killers at once if you are doing movie stuff, because they will both share the same temporary directory

mail me at muckman@slosh.net for more help