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atPK  examples 

All of the effects on this page are the ones that you have the lowest percentage of being able to do with any other program (because I made them up, and it seems unlikely that other people would think of the exact same thing, for most of them)

Examples of image effects
  "white breakthrough"
  "pink chrome"
  "space chalk"
  "change shoes"
  "fat dead"
  "mad color shifts"
  "advanced gray"
  "rainbow party"
  "random invert"
  "invert color"
  "true black and white" (currently only available on photoshop plugin)
  "kind of invert"  (currently only available on photoshop plugin)

Examples of movie effects (not released yet):
(They are all 60kb-900k, mpeg format)
  "space chalk"
  "please clayify"
  "change shoes"
  "irradiate" run twice
  "irradiate" run three times 
  "white breakthrough" with 2 pictures I loaded are faded in and out based  on the current movie frame
  "white breakthrough" with 2 movies on top of each other, and another movie deciding how the 2 show
  "white breakthrough" with a constant pattern- a small black circle - and 2 movies
  "advanced gray"
   "mad color shifts" with the setting being "9"
   "humanoid" with color choice "3"
  "pink chrome" with setting "127"
  "pastelize" run twice
  "true black and white"