upcoming shows

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08/13/03 Taco Toro's Brandon Wizard
Failure to Comply
Moonpie Cadet
show starts at 6:30pm

past shows

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07/19/03 White Bear Abnormality
The Invisible Robot Fish
Sound Salvation
this was actually in Hugo or something like that, but i think the town just likes to pretend they are from white bear, i don't know i was too afraid to ask. 
06/14/03 Meghan's grad party Kevin Stenstrum thanks to the polka we held the audience at an amused state.  jason put this show in the top three (whatever that means) but i would agree that we played well.
way 2 go Meghan, the flying louks brothers are proud of you
06/11/03 Eclipse Records Embrace of Angels experimentation with new music proved to be successful.  this show was straight up fun... i thank the audience.
Embrace of Angles wussed out though, which was too bad. sorry ben, i know you really wanted to see them
05/17/03 Coffee House Live The Umbrella Sequence

i think i can speak for all of us when i say that the umbrella sequence touch us in many new, and appropriate ways
05/11/03 Taco Toro's Sledgewig 
Live Wire
may minutia tour reviews
05/10/03 marshal's house Awkward Silence
The Droogs
may minutia tour reviews
05/09/03 The Academy Nuke
There and Back Again
may minutia tour reviews
05/02/03 super secret none information release at a later date
03/01/03 Coffee House Live Twin Ion
Dying Midwestern
2 rockers in a row
01/10/03 hhs cafe' none which much practice we rock off most of their pants and a few skirts
12/14/02 Coffee House Live The Droogs *christmas festivities and cookies care of The Droogs.
11/01/02 Pauls house Clear Awakening
The Droogs
Creative Negligence
3rd annual hudson halloween bash
10/04/02 hhs cafeteria none *back to back to back lunch sets
08/24/02 whitey's home Awkward Silence
Creative Negligence
The Paul McIntyre Experience
*this date marks the first of many incidents when ryan butler, member of Awkward Silence, nearly loses body parts due to grilling accident.  the hotdogs were unhurt
*pool partee